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DombeachEchoing the old cliche " what is he made of " really needs to be 'seriously' considered, if you intend  on doing any hard core rc Surfing.

Taking on the Big Blue,  that effortlessly generates unstoppable waves, able to peal off at incredible speeds, weighing over a 'ton' for every cubic meter as they crash down, spraying  corrosive salt everywhere, requires a serious piece of equipment to survive every session.

Bro taking a few wipe outs

As with actual Surf boards, the fiber glass over foam method of construction has proven to work very well for a high end rc Surfer, making it  very robust.

Whereas most modern surfboards would only have a single 6oz layer of cloth on the bottom and a pressure pad/ single 6oz cloth layer on the deck..... every      Bro rc Surfer has 'two'  6 ounce layers of cloth on either side of the board, with an extra 6 ounce cloth reinforcement layer at the tail rudder area, as well as within the housing area.

A 'splash rim' is introduced around the housing hatch cover to deflect the immense  water pressure that could  otherwise penetrate the hatch seal, either when impacting a wave or when landing back into the water.

Seven stainless steel threaded studs are installed to secure the heavy duty fiber glass hatch cover, preventing  it from flexing on impact, which could cause leaks.

All required hardware is manufactured from either Stainless Steel, Brass or Aluminium, to prevent the risk of corrosion.

A quality brand water cooled Brush-less motor ,coupled to a high spec water cooled Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is used to ensure good speed, power and acceleration, guaranteeing reliability throughout every surf session.

An 'all metal gear' steering servo is installed to withstand the extreme pressure  placed on the rudder fin.

Watch the attached videos and see how we meticulously construct our Bro rc Surfer in an effort to ensure that he survives the days surf and gets to enjoy another session. 
Stand by on the 'pause' button to take a closer look.

manufacturing process

In many instances, the rc Surfer 'rider' endures more 'impact' than the actual rc Surfer board does, through out a surf session. 
The rc Surfers rider is an integral part of the rc Surfers ability to perform. If the rc Surfers  rider is damaged, the performance of the rc Surfer will certainly be impaired, even to the point of 'non functional' - disabled....

Our Bro Surfer rider is unique, in that he is able to 'flex' to a fair degree, aiding in absorbing the immense power of the crashing surf and often the harsh impact when landing on a sand bank or even a rock reef.

By design, Bro is created to be 'functional' first, presenting more of a stand-off 'Surfer silhouette' look, from a distance....not presenting a close up human scale detail appearance.

Bro's  body structure is a fiber glass and carbon fiber epoxied core,which is then laminated on either side with genuine neoprene.
This structure makes him very robust and very light, reducing the centrifugal outward forces in the turns and the need for excessive righting weight.
Bro's detailed face head is molded of closed cell polyurethane foam, then securely attached to the core.

bro flexing his muscles

I would certainly not make the claim  that  a Bro rc Surfer is indestructible, we all know the ocean takes no prisoners.

I will say that... " every  Bro rc Surfer is well designed and very carefully hand-built for you to confidently  venture out  and enjoy the more extreme realms of rc Surfing"

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