Motor-Mount Bracket - installation Pro-Bro rc Bodyboard

Positioning the motor so that it is perfectly lined up with the drive shaft is easily achieved with the system we have devised. The initial instaltion of the motor mount bracket is simply a case of ( with the motor fitted to the motor mount bracket, positioned at the very bottom of the slots) slide the motor-mount bracket slots onto the 4 x 4M S/S allen bolts which are threaded into the housing wall by means of 4M riv nuts. Whilst the allens are still lose, one slides the solid drive shaft, into the motor collet to establish the required alignment. Nip up the 4 allens and 'whala ! ... the motor mount is now correctly in position. There after, to remove the motor, for what ever reason, its a simple case of loosening the drive shaft collet, withdrawing th edrive shaft, loosen up the two small motor allens... and simply slide th emotor up and out. To replace it, it's sinply the reversal, only ensuring that the motors allens are at the very bottom of the Motor mount slots to ensure accurate alignmnet. You can get an idea here just how easy it will be for those who have opted to fit their own electrics. with all the mounts in place, it's as simple as 1-2-3 = Lekka !


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