Opting for the NO ELECTRICS option, is a sure way to save oneself a good few hard earned dollars $$$ - Costing us$375 as apposed to the "Ready-to-Surf option price of us$550 (us$175 less) Simply by ordering the required components directly online - using equipment you already have - incuring lessor shipping cost, there is a significant savings oppotunity - or - Maybe you simply like installing your personal preferred brand of equipment ...either way ! - We have done our utmost to make it as easy as posible for you to undertake the installation, confidently and succesfully.

All hardware is supplied / installed - this overall installation can be completed in a 1/2 an hour ! ..... with a few basic tools - no cutting / bonding required ... SEA-ing is believing !..... lekka !

Required Electrics : 36(50-60 length) 2400kv -3000kv range- water cooled brushless motor - 90A-120A water cooled esc - Std steering servo (pref. metal gear) Radio TX & Reciever RX - 4mm drive shaft collet

Board can run on 2s - 3s - 4s ( 3s recomended) 5000mAh plus - 45C plus rating.


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