Pre-Investment update for the PRO-BRO RC SURFER

Things are looking Great ! Now 13 'onboard as a I post this. A couple more seriously communicating and considering.

Feeling very confident that we can hit the minimum

25 required number.

We will also be offering all Pre- Investors 15% discount off the eventual discount price of the PRO-BRO RV BODYBOARD - so as to ensure that they also get to benefit into the long term, if they wish.

We feel that this will be a Win/Win for all - it will help with the Marketing - Educating and Communication and in the Big Picture, I have no doubt further help grow this awesome sport to a new level.

Let's together, make it a Reality !

Lekka !

More info on the investment pitch:

dominic@brorcsurfer - call +27 083 325 7884 - whatssapp - skype


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