2020 Prices

READY TO SURF = US$650 + Shipping - No Lipo

NO ELECTRONICS= US$475 + Shipping

Adding further Innovation to the PRO-BRO RC BODYBOARDER.

I have designed and enabled the legs to have hinged movement at the knee and hip joints, in a further effort to increase the already authentic look & feel of it's performance in the Surf.

This product has been designed and Surf tested with Performance & Durability as its Hallmark !

The Board itself is of 5mm wall thickness Polyethylene Roto-Moulded plastic - hardware components are of brass/aluminium/stainless steel - electronics are high Brushless motor and ESC are water cooled.

The X-FLEX Bro Dude hand-made of various quality components and compounds, so as to ensure a light as possible product, limiting centrifugal forces and enhancing rotational righting correction, as well as being seriously durable to endure the forces of the Surf.

The Global selling price of this product for 2020 "READY TO SURF" will be US$650 - WITHOUT ELECTRICS US$475- Plus Shipping cost

(excluding the required Lipo battery due to shipping laws)

All products are custom made to accommodate specific order of preferable colours for the: Board - Rash vest - Dudes Hair - Flipper Tips - Body colour. Lead times are usually around 4 weeks from date of order, depending on currents orders and stock of components. I do impose a T&A condition so as to ensure that the Bro is surfers safely and responsibility.

For further info: e-mail

cell: +2783 325 7884 ( Cape Town South Africa)

SKYPE or Facebook calls can be planned.


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