What is it made of ?

The Production Bro rc Bodyboard was initially designed and developed to present a 'more affordable product to the greater market, in comparison to the costly Custom 'glass over foam boards. The Silver linning in the redevelopment process has been that, not only is the cost far less - but ! - it's durability and toughness is infinitly greater. Manufactured of polyethelene, by roto-moulding method, the 5mm wall thickness presents a very tough shell, able to well endure the inevetable harsh impact knocks when surfing in the ocean. All the inserts made of Stainless Steel, are moulded into the board during the moulding process, ensuring a secure bond, well sealed. Available to be manufactured in most all primary colours. This is a 100% recyclable product, however our intention and ongoing mission, is to build and provide a product that will last for 'generations, to be enjoyed for many many many BroFun sessions !


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